Biology Toys


Biology Toys That Bring Learning to Life

Biology toys make it easy to introduce kids to the concepts and ideas underlying life on earth. Toys that showcase biology for kids include everything from anatomical models to biological experiment kits. Whether your child is interested in backyard wildlife or wants to know how DNA works, these biology-themed science toys make learning fun. Delight a child who loves the natural world with biological toys from Walmart Canada.

Biological Models

Models demonstrating accurate biology for kids help them visualize structures for better understanding. Life cycle models help kids understand how specific creatures change over time, while plant models give children a glimpse of the inner workings of flowers and trees. Choose a model that matches a child's interests to spark a lifelong love of bees, butterflies or ants. Anatomy toys and models featuring the human skeleton, parts of the brain and cross-sections of important organs make great study aids for biology classes, and plant or animal cell models provide an accurate representation of microscopic organelles. Younger kids might like realistic animal models sized for small hands and compact play sets featuring ecological or garden themes.

Outdoor Biology Toys

For kids who love nature, consider biology toys designed for outdoor play. Scoop nets and bug cages keep budding backyard biologists busy for hours, and transparent critter cups with built-in magnification give kids a close-up look at whatever they catch. Cages with easy-open sides or lids simplify critter collection and let kids release the insects back into the wild at the end of the day. Provide a variety of outdoor activity toys to keep kids moving along with toys that encourage nature exploration and engage the mind for backyard play sessions that benefit physical and mental health.

Microscopes and Slides

Combine fun and education with toy microscopes and slides that give kids a detailed view of cell structures and minuscule microbes. Prepared slide sets let children explore specific samples while practising how to focus and adjust a microscope. Choose a slide set featuring plant structures to enhance a lesson on pollen and seeds, or pick a set of animal slides to enable detailed investigation of familiar structures such as feathers and fur.

Living Creatures and Habitat Toys

Watching live insects or tiny crustaceans in a tank gives kids an intimate understanding of how nature works. Ant farms let kids watch fascinating creatures form colonies and manipulate their environments. Plant growing kits introduce concepts of seed germination and plant growth. Some learning toys with a biological theme let kids raise an insect from egg through adulthood and release the resulting critter into the wild for a first-hand understanding of real life cycles.

Biology-Themed Science Kits

For hands-on learning, try biology-themed science kits. Multiple experiments and activities in each kit introduce a wide range of concepts and ideas. With these kits, kids learn new facts to share with friends and improve their understanding of the scientific method. Pair biology toys with math, chemistry and technology toys to prepare kids for advanced class work and kindle an interest in scientific careers. 

Nature Books and Electronic Resources

Kids who love learning about the natural world enjoy books that satisfy their curious minds. Children's books that teach about conservation topics help kids understand the importance of protecting animals and their habitats, while interactive nature books engage the imagination using touch-activated sounds and motion.




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