Chemistry Toys


Chemistry Sets and Other Science-Based Toys

A chemistry set for kids is a great way to introduce children to science concepts and help them begin to understand the way the world around them interacts and reacts. Science toys can range from simple blocks or plushes appropriate for toddlers to complex machines and sets to engage preteens and teens. Walmart Canada carries a wide variety of science toys, from biology figures to chemistry sets for kids.

Types of Chemistry Sets for Kids

If you're looking for a chemistry set for kids in your life, it's important to think about their ages and what types of experiments may be safe and engaging for them. You can find chemistry sets for kids as young as preschoolers, but they are typically simply and only contain a few themed experiments. For example, you might buy a purchase a set that combines science and cooking concepts for younger children, as they will be able to complete the tasks and have a sweet reward at the end.

Elementary school children may enjoy guided science projects that teach specific concepts or those that end up in dazzling colour solutions or minor explosions of foam. Traditional chemistry sets tend to include more equipment and chemicals, but they're designed for slightly older scientists who can open packaging and read and follow instructions. And remember that unless you're providing these sets to older teens, you may want to offer adult supervision for safety.

Chemistry Tools and Accessories

Walmart Canada also offers an assortment of tools and accessories you can purchase to supplement chemistry sets or supply classrooms or eager mad scientists. From beakers and flasks to mix solutions in to graduated cylinders for exact measurements, we have what you need to conduct experiments.

Safe, Educational Play with Chemistry Sets

Safety is always a concern when mixing and matching chemicals, so take some precautions before you let your young scientist concoct things at a table or counter. Begin with a table cloth to protect your furniture from spills, and don't forget to cover skin and clothing too. If you don't have a lab coat, a high-quality men's short sleeve button-up shirt may do the trick for many kids. Investing in personal safety equipment, including rubber gloves or safety goggles or glasses can also be a good step to take. Ensure that experiments take place near an area where hands, faces and eyes can be quickly rinsed or washed in case of an accident.

Expanding Scientific Discoveries

Don't stop at chemistry sets. Encourage ongoing learning and scientific discovery with a wide range of educational toys from Walmart Canada. From blocks and building sets that teach architectural and construction basics to physics toys that help children understand concepts such as gravity, you'll find plenty to choose from. And if science toys don't end up holding your children's interest, engage them with other educational options such as musical instruments, art toys and computer-based learning games that teach everything from ABCs to management of money and time.




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