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Rev Up the Fun with Remote Control Cars

Satisfy your child's need for speed with remote control cars and other battery-powered vehicles that zip around your home and yard. From sturdy monster trucks that scramble over rough terrain to hovering vehicles that delight young fans of flying, these remote-operated toys let you control the action from afar. Find RC cars, trucks, boats and drones at Walmart Canada to add powered motion to play time.

High-Speed Remote Control Cars

Whether you're challenging a friend to a race down the sidewalk or setting up a system of ramps in your living room, remote control cars bring fast action to your toy collection. RC cars designed to mimic your child's favourite race car encourage re-enactment of famous track traverses. Some models accurately reproduce the details of the original vehicle at a 1:16 or 1:24 scale, while others offer fanciful renditions of dream concept cars. Stunt vehicles let your child flip and rotate the car in addition to sending it speeding across smooth surfaces, and some remote control cars even zip up walls for a gravity-defying effect.

Easy-to-use controls with large buttons make driving, stopping and turning simple. Look for a model with a longer range if you plan to play outdoors or in a bigger space. For kids obsessed with speed, a toy car race track offers plenty of fast-moving fun.

Trucks and Construction Vehicles

Crush the competition in a race across rough off-road terrain with a remote control monster truck. Durable materials and shock-proof wheels help you navigate over rocks and through gullies without getting stuck or damaged. Younger kids might also enjoy ride-on toys resembling monster trucks, dune buggies and jeeps that let them drive through the neighbourhood.

Remote control dump trucks and diggers bring a fun new element to construction vehicle play. These play vehicles resemble the real machinery found on a construction site, and they are built to withstand real dirt, sand and mud. Multifunction controllers let kids scoop, dump and roll using specific commands on the remote, and heavy rubber treads manoeuvre easily through your playground construction site. Models with programmable functions let you set up a series of movements for the vehicle to complete, so you can set up a few different construction trucks working at once and get the job done more quickly.

Remote Operated Specialty Vehicles

Respond to any emergency in your building block village or pillow fort city with remote control police cars, fire engines and ambulances. Working lights and sirens alert everyone else to get off the road and make the action even more realistic. In a smaller space, die cast vehicles let you recreate a working town, construction site or racing zone in a more compact footprint. Remote control cars and trucks crafted to look like military vehicles let kids stage attacks and plan missions in a hostile garden. To handle your own remote control emergencies, keep a supply of RC car parts on hand so you can quickly repair any issues at home.

RC Boats

Remote control boats bring the fun of RC vehicles to the water. Moisture-resistant components keep these toy boats operating properly even if submerged or swamped by a stray wave, and streamlined designs speed through the water as you direct the action from shore. Remote control submarines offer even more underwater fun in a local pool, pond or lake.

Flying Vehicles and Drones

Take off vertically and free your play from earthbound restrictions with remote control cars that fly. You can find models resembling airplanes and helicopters to fill your backyard air space. Drones use powerful propellers to rise from the ground, fly through the air and do stunts, while suspension toys hover above your hand and respond to your gestures.




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