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U by Kotex - Period Products Offering Comfort and Confidence

U by Kotex tampons and pads are many women's first choice for their periods. This fantastic line of feminine hygiene products is made with a woman's wants and needs in mind, allowing you to remain active and on the go during your time of the month. Whether you prefer to use pads or tampons, or a combination of both, you'll find just what you need among the extensive selection at Walmart Canada.

Your New Favourite Tampons

Experience complete and versatile protection no matter what you are doing with U by Kotex tampons. Available in both full size and compact applicators, they can easily be taken anywhere. Compact tampons transform before your eyes with just one click. Choose from among an array of additional features such as a rubbery grip to ensure easy and proper placement, as well as different levels of absorbency ranging from light to super plus.

Thin and Comfortable Pads and Liners

Just like the brand's tampons, U by Kotex pads and liners are made with a focus on comfort and discreetness. They come in super-thin designs that don't sacrifice absorbency thanks to deep channels that move along with your body. The regular pads offer complete protection for both your lighter and regular days.

If you're looking for heavy period protection, you'll find exactly the comfort and security you need with Kotex maxi pads. With an ultra-absorbent core, they are made to handle your peak days. Soft to the touch and highly breathable, they help your day stay on track, no matter your flow.

On your lighter days, when you don't feel like wearing a pad or a tampon, you can choose a super thin liner instead. Ultra-soft and flexible, these liners feel so much like your regular underwear that you may even forget you are using one. Liners are also great for providing an extra layer of security and protection while wearing tampons.

Fitness Doesn't Have to Wait

While regular Kotex pads and tampons are already great for some light exercise, you can feel extra secure while working out with the brand's specialized fitness products. Fitness tampons expand in every direction for complete protection while fitness liners and pads are made to stay firmly in place and flex along with you.

Now that you know you can still work while out on your period, go ahead and shop for some cute new activewear for the gym or yoga studio.

Take Control Every Month

With all the fantastic products available today made with women and their needs in mind, you don't have to let anything hold you back when your period comes around. Walmart.ca carries all your favourite U by Kotex pads, liners and tampons, as well as feminine washes and wipes to keep you feeling fresh all day long.


For all of the feminine hygiene products you need to make yourself more comfortable and ready to face the day, you can trust the selection at Walmart Canada.



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