Gear for Athletic Endeavours

Physical activity takes place year-round, in all sorts of weather conditions. For professional athletes and weekend warriors alike, it's especially important to have the right gear to help them brave the cold or heat. Under Armour has some of the most advanced gear in sports, but it isn't only for those wanting to brave the outdoors. You can wear these styles to the gym, the indoor track, or even just your living room, all while feeling confident that you can get optimal performance.

Under Armour shoes, hats, clothing and workout accessories are about finding your place in fitness. This is an ideal brand for athletes, with their innovations making people look good while still keeping athletes cool and comfortable while holding up under pressure. What kind of pressure? If you're going to be sweating hard, moving fast and pounding the pavement, you want your clothes and footwear to last. With Walmart Canada's selection of Under Armour products, you can get everything you need at affordable prices.

Right Fit for Women and Men

The UA brand sells a wide selection of products made especially for women and men. There's no need to shop anywhere else for your sportswear undergarments. You can match the colour and style of their outerwear with their branded sport bras and boxers. Pair your tops and bottoms with a new set of attractive and functional shoes and you'll be set to embark on your new fitness journey. You can see for yourself how Under Armour's commitment to innovation in product development adds to your comfort and athletic achievement. 

Full Range of Clothing Options

Whether you prefer short-sleeved, tanks, long-sleeved, hoodies, shorts, fleecy sweats or cargo pants, Under Armour has an option for you. Elite athletes can choose from technical specifications that make each piece of UA clothing a benefit to their competitive performance. Weekend warriors can enjoy the comfortable fit and long life of these items, which never seem to go out of style. Opt for muted tones, like black and grey, or more dynamic colours like pink or teal. Browse through the product photos to see the different looks and feels available to you in this amazing brand. 

Making You Feel Your Best

Walmart Canada's online store has a huge selection of athletic gear to choose from. While it's possible to outfit yourself completely in one brand, you can easily mix and match with pieces that you already own. Sometimes, your existing wardrobe just needs an upgrade, and all it takes is a few select items to give you an array of new options. It's easy to look at sizes, colours, and prices from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device and check out new arrivals you may be the first to see. 

Easy-to-Shop, Affordable Workout Gear

Let's face it, stocking up on premiere workout gear can cost a pretty penny. But instead of doing your shopping at the gym's boutique, you can look up Walmart Canada's affordable selection. Once you've made a choice, it's quick and easy to make a purchase. Walmart Canada wants you to feel comfortable in your skin and your Under Armour clothing. We make working out easier!



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