A Classic Card Game

UNO is a classic card game that we all know and love. Created in 1971, the game quickly grew to a household favourite that has remained relatively unchanged over its lifespan. And why would they change it? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Although the basic gameplay has remained the same, today you can get a wide variety of styles, including packs themed on much-loved kid's movies and more.

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Popular for a Reason

The fact that so many still play UNO is a testament to how simple and enjoyable it is. If you are like many people, you probably grew up playing, so the rules are like second nature to you. Find hours of clean fun playing with all of the UNO cards including action cards, reverse, number cards, and everything else!

But even if you have never touched a deck before, you can get into the swing of things in a short period of time. Break out the deck, grab family or friends (don't forget the kids!) and enjoy a free-spirited time trying to win.

Themed Decks

One of the coolest features about UNO games is how often you can find decks that are themed around things that interest you, like popular movies or television shows. To add variety, some of the decks feature special cards and directions, mixing up the gameplay just a little to add interesting novelty. Many of these themed decks wind up being limited edition collector's items. If you or your kids have a movie that you love, it is worth looking for a deck that features the characters--a touch that little ones especially appreciate.

These fun decks are not just limited to children's movies, though. You can find decks centred around sports teams, national parks, video games and even dog breeding. Play a wild card that features a cartoon character or laugh at the number cards with adorable cats on them. With so many different themes, you might even want to dive right in and become a collector! Check out our themed decks to see if we have one you like.

Your Gaming Resource

At Walmart Canada, we know that everybody has their own way of having fun. We want to help you unwind. We want to help you share an experience with friends. We want to be the place where you find the games that make your life more enjoyable.

Here you will discover a wide range of games in all styles and formats. We are an excellent place to find board and card games. Our selection of video games and video game systems is second to none. We also carry a variety of other fun and exciting games that may not fit neatly into a broad category.

All of our games and gaming supplies are priced to appeal to your pocketbook. We know you have a limited budget, but we think you still deserve the coolest games out there. Whether it's online with us or your local Walmart Canada store, come in and find just what you are looking for in gaming.



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