Xbox One Accessories

Have More Fun with an Xbox One Controller

For an improved video game experience, consider the Xbox One Controller, whether it's for military games, fantasy, or your other favourite media.

The original Xbox 360 controller many gamers started with has dramatically improved over the years. The new Xbox One Controller features a sleek, streamlined design and textured grip that's both sturdy and comfortable. Something else that's fun for everyone is the colour choices that are available now, like the Microsoft blue controller and the green Minecraft Creeper style. There's even the iconic pink pig design of the Minecraft Pig Wireless Xbox One Controller.

If you've played video games, you know what a pain a wired controller can be. Well, gamers will enjoy the wireless freedom the Xbox One Wireless Controller offers. Gone are the days of being limited to the length of wiring from the console--now you can operate your controller from virtually any position in the room.

Xbox One as a Media Centre

The Xbox One Console and controller also becomes an all-in-one media centre. With its built-in Wifi, it is compatible with both Netflix and YouTube, letting you watch your favourite TV shows and movies without having to use a separate system.  

Another highlight of the Xbox One is the USB plug-and-play and Bluetooth® technology, which allows you to attach your Xbox One Controller to your desktop PC, tablet, or phone. The Xbox One Controller even works with Windows 10!

Improve Your Gaming

The Xbox One controller adds another layer of flexibility no mouse can offer to gaming. It makes for smoother gameplay with better speed control.

The pro-level Microsoft Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller has even more options for those more technically inclined, as it is designed for competitive gamers. Use hair-trigger locks that let you fire faster, customize trigger sensitivity through the app, and swap out components to make your controller just the way you want it.

Want to chat with gaming friends or competitors? For a complete gaming experience, some people love to use headsets to communicate with other players. This way, they get to feel like they're right there in the action with their fellow gamers. The Xbox One headset can be connected to your Xbox One Controller through the plug-and-play adapter, connecting you to your game in full high-definition sound experience.

What's Included

The Xbox One Controller will sync with your Xbox One Console easily right out of the box. What's more, most controllers include a micro USB port for either charging or for establishing a wired connection, an expansion port for accessories such as an audio control panel or chatpad, and a 3.5-millimeter jack for attaching headphones and headsets.

Usually, controllers come in a single pack, but it's always more fun to play with friends! Treat yourself to more than one controller for those times when groups come over, or just to have as a backup. Visit to find the style and options that best suit your needs.




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