Xbox One Consoles & Bundles


Selecting the Xbox One Console 

If you're a hardcore gamer who enjoys spending hours honing your skills online with teammates or by yourself immersed in quests, an Xbox One console has plenty to offer. It makes an excellent Christmas or birthday present and can provide a way to pass time regardless of your age. With so many gaming options to choose from, here are some things to consider when looking at an Xbox One bundle. 

Backward Compatibility 

If you’ve been with Microsoft since the Xbox 360 and have a library of older games, you’ll be happy to know the Xbox One console is backward-compatible. This is an excellent benefit if you are considering an upgrade but don’t want to lose your older favourite titles. With this feature, there are hundreds of Xbox games to choose from. Also, with continued success through this program, you can rest assured your Xbox One games will probably be playable on future systems. 

Benefits of Gold 

When you purchase an Xbox One console, you have access to the Microsoft Xbox Live subscription service. This paid membership gives you access to additional gaming features, free game downloads every month, multiplayer gaming and discounts on new and existing games. This is one way to improve your gaming experience. If you prefer, you can choose the silver service, which is the free version that includes fewer features. 

Microsoft also has a Game Pass for the Xbox system that gives you unlimited access to a variety of game titles. These titles tend to change periodically, but with a small fee, you never have to spend large amounts of cash for a library of titles. 

 Powerful Xbox One Console 

Not only does the Xbox console play games, but it can also take the place of a DVD or Blu-ray player. Attach the system to your TV and watch movies, or download a subscription service application such as Netflix or Hulu and watch your favourite sitcoms. 

By using the Xbox One, you can also play with Windows 10 gamers, share screenshots and videos on social media, create your own gaming club and change your console settings using Microsoft’s assistant, Cortana. 

A Selection of Bundles 

If you prefer to purchase a complete system that’s ready to play, you can choose an Xbox One bundle. These packages come with the console, controller and a specific game title depending on the bundle you select. 

Along with the bundle, you can choose from accessories like a keyboard, which makes it easy to chat with other players, or a wireless headset to help improve your gaming experience. If you like playing with a family member, an additional controller is a must. You can find replacement adapters, chargers and even designers’ skins to customize your console to reflect your personality and to protect the exterior of your machine. 

Whether you're a first-time gamer who wants to start playing with friends or you're ready to switch from other gaming platforms to try new adventures, the Xbox One console has a lot to offer. Walmart Canada sells a wide range of consoles, Xbox One bundles and accessories to make your gaming experience a positive one. 




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