Xbox One & Kinect Games


Boost Your Play Options with Xbox One Games 
Play to your heart's content with Xbox One games that fill your favourite niches. Whether you want action games that let your player run, jump and collect items through different levels, shooters or fighting games that let you test your skills against computer or online players, puzzle games that keep your mind sharp or role-playing games that pit you against monsters and let you search out treasure, this selection from Walmart Canada provides you with numerous Xbox One Kinect games to suit your personal preferences. 

Versatile Video Game Consoles 
Get started on exciting adventures by selecting games from that work with Xbox One consoles. Choose between stand-alone gaming units and video game consoles bundled with your favourite Xbox One games. Many of these bundles include not only single or multiple games, but also specialized accessories to help you tackle your chosen game genre. 

Flexible Accessory Selections 
Pair the Xbox One games you select with the ideal video game accessories to boost your performance at Xbox One Kinect games. Discover ergonomic game controllers in various colours to suit your personal style, and rely on play-and-charge kits to keep them at the ready for spur-of-the-moment gaming. Headset options let you easily communicate with other players when you're playing RPGs, MMORPGs and first-person shooters. 

Sports Xbox One Games 
Jump right into the action with sports-themed Xbox One games. No matter whether you're an NHL hockey fan shooting for the Stanley Cup, a basketball enthusiast who wants to take on top-notch NBA players or a soccer lover who can't wait for new FIFA matches, these sports games fill the bill with great graphics and lots of action. Select from trusted sports game brands like 2K and Take-Two Interactive to expand your gameplay horizons with options licensed by sports organizations like the NFL and MBA and sports entertainment companies like the WWE. Racing games let you speed around virtual tracks, and some let you pit your skills against your favourite NASCAR drivers. 

Simulation Games 
Enjoy creating your own virtual spaces with simulation games. These fun play options put you in the driver's seat, letting you build homes, businesses and recreational opportunities for characters you craft via easy-to-use menu systems. Options from Electronic Arts such as The Sims provide you with immersive gameplay environments in virtual worlds where you make the rules, letting you stretch your imagination to the max. Other simulation games include flight and vehicle simulators and those that let you take care of virtual pets, allowing you to try on new skills and experiences from the comfort of your own home. 

Kids Games
Keep your little ones happy with Xbox One games geared especially toward kids. Lego-themed games by companies like Warner Bros. let children take their love for building blocks to an open world, and some combine the building element with popular Marvel characters for an extra bit of excitement and engagement. Puzzle games for kids help them develop critical-thinking skills while also encouraging great hand-eye coordination. Games from Microsoft such as Minecraft expand kids' imaginations with opportunities to build and explore whole new worlds. 

Role Playing Games 
Immerse yourself in highly detailed worlds with RPGs that unlock the power of the Xbox. Whether you prefer dystopian urban landscapes, sci-fi adventures on distant planets or medieval-type worlds with dragons and swords, Walmart Canada has you covered with Bethesda gaming options such as the Skyrim, Fallout and Doom series. Game series from Capcom such as Resident Evil and Devil May Cry combine role-playing game functions with adventure and action elements for an inclusive gaming experience. 

Downloadable Games 
Take advantage of enhanced game options from Xbox Live to download games directly to your video game console. Many Xbox One games purchased from Walmart Canada let you download straight from Microsoft, and some offer extra gameplay items with the download, providing you with better value than buying directly from your video game console. These video games all include ratings, making it simple for parents to choose age-appropriate play options for their kids and teens. 





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