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Perhaps you bought a Nintendo gaming system, but didn’t realize that some Nintendo systems don’t come with a 3DS charger. Or, maybe you bought the gaming system second hand and the seller didn’t include a charger. There is no reason to worry. If you visit Walmart Canada, you can pick up a charger as well as a variety of appropriate adapters that fit your system. Then, you can play to your heart's content!

Type of 3DS Chargers

If you use a DSi, a 2DS, or 3DS, the same charger will fit all of them, but if you play with a Nintendo Switch, you might need a different type of charger. This might also be the case if you have a gaming system created before the manufacture of the DSi. For this gaming system you might need to find a specific charger. The difference can mainly be found in the ports, newer systems have a slimmer socket. To be on the safe side, before you go shopping at Walmart Canada, determine the make and model of the gaming system for which you require a charger or adaptor. All gaming system chargers plug into a 120-volt outlet.

How to Use a 3DS Charger

When you exhaust your Nintendo of energy, it's time to charge it. To recharge your Nintendo, insert the flat end of the adapter into the game system. The logo of the charger faces up. When the points of the charger are firmly in place in the port, plug the opposing end into a 120-volt wall outlet or a floor power strip. When properly connected, the charger's orange indicator-light illuminates. The light indicates that the Nintendo console is charging. If you don't see the orange light illuminate, no electricity is charging the console. The orange light will disappear when the Nintendo console has a full charge. When unplugging the charger from the console, hold it by the plug. Never unplug the charger by pulling on the cord.

Safety Measures Using a 3DS Charger

Whether your Nintendo is new or second hand, the first time you use it, allow the battery to fully charge. Charging time requires between two or three hours.

Nintendo Carry Case

If you require a carry case to keep your Nintendo safe during travel, Walmart Canada stocks carry cases. With 3DS cases, you not only keep your console safe, but there's room for your charger and a variety of accessories. The interior has memory foam padding, so nothing gets scratched. The exterior of the case is shockproof and made of nylon material with a secure buckle front flap. You can either carry the case in your hand or make use of the removable shoulder strap. 

Whether you have your heart set on a video game, a game organizer, or you need a charger, at Walmart Canada you will find everything you need at affordable prices.




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