DS XL Consoles & 2DS System Bundles

3DS XL Consoles - Fun for Everyone

If you want fun, action, and affordability -- all on a single device, -- the 3DS XL console may be right for you. Whether you like action-packed adventure games; creative and intellectual fun; or adaptions of retro and classic games, you will find plenty of options with the 3DS XL console. It is a gaming system that both suits your skills and preferences.

How you play will depend on what you play. With a 3DS XL console, you can try online gaming to compete against others of your ability anywhere in the world. Or, connect with friends at home and play using 3DS XL console's multi-player options. Use games you already have or buy new games. Depending on the game, you can choose between the button layout, control pad, or the convenient touch-screen.

Because of its compact and handy size, you can take your console in the car, to a friend's house, or just play in your living room. You can transport it easily and comfortably. Store it safely in its carry case or your messenger bag.

What You Can Do with 3DS XL Consoles

Do you know what you can do with your gaming console? Play video games of course! But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

As expected, you can use your 3DS XL console to play all Nintendo DS games. Do you have siblings, friends, or family who also enjoy gaming consoles? Then consider the family system. The family system allows selected people to share your account to play games. You can also enhance your gaming fun by accessing the extra amiibo support, a system that recognizes personal amiibo figures.

But there's more to your gaming system that just games. When available, use the cameras to take fun photos in 3D. You can see them on the screen instantly! Send the funny or amazing photographs to your friends and family!

Get the Most from 3DS XL Consoles

Depending on your version, your 3DS XL console may have several screens. A lower touch screen has a telescoping stylus, while the upper screen can display 3D visuals without the use of special glasses. To enhance your gaming experiences, scale up the high-resolution 3D effects, or instead choose a more standard setting, depending on what you are playing at the moment.

When you want to check your notifications or other settings but don't want to stop in the middle of a game, you don't have to. Features are available to allow continuous play.

If children are using the console, parental controls let adults restrict access to games, connectivity, and other functions.

While you may enjoy the benefits of a longer battery life with 3DS XL consoles, a charger helps make sure that the fun continues for hours.



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