Nintendo Switch Accessories

Elevate your Switch with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Nintendo Switch Accessories 

The Nintendo Switch controller named the Joy Con, is one of the most impressive and versatile controllers on the market. This controller can act as a regular console controller with motion detection HD rumble and a beautiful matte finish. Additionally, it is able to split into two switch controllers for cooperative play, each with the above-mentioned features. You can take your Switch out on the town, find a friend, split the Joy Con and enjoy your games together! What's not to love about this controller's versatility? Taking all that into consideration, the Nintendo Switch controller must be mentioned when talking about the best controllers out on the market. 

If the controller is so good, why buy Nintendo Switch accessories? 

Although the Nintendo Switch controller is a hit, there are some inevitable shortcomings that gamers might want to cover with available accessories available at Walmart Canada. An example would be that when the controller is split in two, both pieces (Joy Con L and Joy Con R) are quite small and take some getting used to. For those wanting to utilize the cooperative capabilities of the Nintendo Switch game lineup, they may want to invest in a Switch Pro Controller. Although the Pro controller is slightly more expensive than the rival controllers of the PS4, you certainly get what you pay for. Boasting a high build quality and a similar feel to the famed Xbox 360 controller, the Switch Pro controller checks all the right boxes. Aside from bigger buttons than the default switch controller, the Switch Pro controller has a phenomenal battery life. Even for PC gamers, this controller is worth a close look as it can easily connect to your home Windows machine. 

Taking care of your console 

Since the Nintendo Switch can double as a portable console, a solid Nintendo Switch carrying case is an essential accessory.  Throwing your unprotected console into your backpack or purse might not avoid damage. Luckily, among other Nintendo Switch accessories, Walmart Canada offers a variety of carrying cases to fit any gamer's lifestyle.  The Switch console itself is attached to the screen so it's important to protect the screen from scratches and this is easily accomplished with a screen cover. 

Another way to emphasize one of the Nintendo Switch's features is the Switch Dock. If your home has multiple TVs, this is one great Nintendo Switch accessory. Being able to pick and choose which TV you use by simply slipping your Switch into one of the many available docks is a nice luxury for gamers. 

Charge your console on the road 

Although the mobility of the Nintendo Switch is a huge win for gamers, running out of its battery charge would be a thorn in the side. The obvious solution for this is to have your charging cable on hand, but another option is a charging dock. With a charging dock, you can continue playing any cooperative game with a friend while keeping your battery topped up. 

Whether you’re out and about or in the comfort of your home, Walmart Canada is a one-stop shop for accessories to enhance your Nintendo Switch gaming experience.




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