Nintendo Switch Consoles & Bundles

Nintendo Switch Consoles Make Gaming Easy

Gaming is a cornerstone of family entertainment. With Nintendo Switch bundles from Walmart Canada, gaming just became easier. Now, you don't have to worry about tangled cords or a messy basket overflowing with controllers. You don't have to keep multiple systems for travel and home use. Nintendo Switch seamlessly integrates into your home entertainment unit and is still easy to pack up and carry to your next family outing. 

It's a smart concept: an all-in-one system that converts to a portable unit. You no longer have to tell your kids to leave their preferred world at home. With Nintendo Switch game consoles, you can easily pack up the game to carry along. No more choosing between what's connected to the television and what's loaded in your portable system. Switch lets you play Mario or your other favourite games at home or on the go. 

Gaming Made Your Way

The smart design means the joy-con controllers slide neatly into the gaming screen, so it takes up little space and easily slips into a backpack or carry-on luggage. As anyone with a busy family, and a lot of stuff, knows compact electronics make for easier transport. Anyone in your group can take charge of the Nintendo Switch system, taking it out for a quick game and putting it out of sight when necessary. Using the Nintendo app, parents can manage purchases right from their mobile phone. They can also monitor parental controls, just as they would on their home Nintendo gaming system. 

Great For the Whole Family

In any family adventure, time is precious. You don't want to worry about entertaining the kids when everyone should enjoy being together. On long car trips, camping or visiting relatives, Nintendo Switch Consoles let you bring the gaming system with you, so kids can enjoy themselves when they are not spending time with visitors. But Nintendo isn't just for the kids; it's made for all members of the family. The gaming system allows for a simple change in the number of players, so anyone can play on their own or with other people. It's one way for people to interact when they don't know one another well but are spending the holidays in each other's company.  

Affordable Nintendo Switch Packages

Walmart Canada's affordable bundles come equipped with a complete Nintendo Switch system and select games, ready for you and your family to enjoy. If you have one of those baskets of controllers, you know the receipts from games, systems, extensions and assorted electronics can really add up. Walmart Canada's comprehensive gaming section includes a number of individual Nintendo Switch games and Nintendo Switch Accessories so you can fully customize your system. By purchasing a bundle, you not only have access to everything you need, but you also have access to Walmart's family-friendly, low-cost pricing.

Walmart Canada wants you to have affordable entertainment that's convenient and puts you in charge of the game. It's one option to give your family a way to visit, travel, or have down time in the living room. Nintendo Switch takes away the hassle so you and your family can spend time on what really matters, at home or on the go. 



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