Nintendo Wii U Accessories

Get The Most Out Of Your Wii U Controller

Part of the fun of the Wii U console is its innovative controller. With select games, you can play directly on the gamepad without needing your television at, all as the Wii U controller has both a touchscreen and camera in it, allowing for handheld gaming options. The Wii U controller also functions as a TV remote and can be used for video chats, so gamers can keep connected with their friends while playing.

Select games make use of the gamepad’s screen for in-game events that can be played with your gamepad’s touchscreen. Some people prefer to play Wii U games with a more traditional-style controller, fortunately, there are plenty of Wii U accessories to choose from that can help fulfil your individual gaming needs. You and your family can shop on and get great prices on Wii U controllers and accessories to help can make sure that everyone is able to have a turn.

Wii U Accessories For Gaming Fun

Some gamers are picky about the controllers they want to use, this is especially true for people who play games like Super Smash Bros., and fortunately, the Wii U is compatible with the GameCube controller as long as you have the correct adaptor for it. Simply plug the USB adaptors into two free USB ports on your Wii U and then connect your GameCube controller into the adaptor.

The Wii U Pro controller is a great way for gamers to take their gaming skills to the next level. Specially designed with hardcore gamers in mind, the Wii U Pro controller allows the player to customize the button controls to their liking (with select games). This controller is wireless and allows gamers to experience games with a more classic-style controller than the stock Wii U gamepad.

Multiplayer Fun With Multiple Controllers

With Wii U game options that are exclusive to the Nintendo console, such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Party and Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, you, your family, and friends can expect to enjoy hours of entertainment while playing games together. Fortunately, many games can be played by up to 4 and sometimes even 5 players, which means everyone should be able to get their fair turn. Multiplayer means that gamers can have their own controller to play with, instead of needing to share between games.

Make sure that you have enough controllers to go around as the console comes with one controller out of the box. And remember that regular Wii remotes and accessories are also compatible with many WII U games, so you may already have more than enough controllers to go around!

For those extended gaming sessions, don’t forget to keep a pack of extra AA batteries handy for your controllers, or invest in a battery charger for rechargeable AA batteries, for use with your wireless Nintendo accessories. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for the next competition or someone who’s just starting out, Walmart Canada can help you find great Wii U accessories at affordable prices



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