Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii – A Console for Your Whole Family

Nintendo has sold millions of Wii consoles worldwide since 2006. If you’re looking for a gaming system that has a catalogue of titles that appeal to the whole family, look no further. The Nintendo Wii’s motion-sensing control system lets you fire up the console and start playing as your favourite characters like Mario or Link within minutes. At Walmart Canada, you can find Nintendo Wii consoles, games, and accessories at affordable prices.

Motion-Sensing Control System

As soon as you buy your Wii, you can get started with the Bluetooth Wii Remote and Nunchuk. The Wii Remote uses sensors to determine in what direction the controller is moving and how fast. When you’re playing a game like Wii Sports, you can move the controller as if you’re hitting a tennis ball or swinging a baseball bat and your character will move with you.

The Nunchuk controller allows you to take two-hand control. In games like Wii Boxing, you hold one end of the controller in each hand and exchange jabs. The Wii console comes with one of each type of controller.

Family Friendly

Every video game system has games oriented toward children, but the Nintendo Wii is more targeted to children than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems. The Legend of Zelda and Mario games are two popular game series that are only available on Nintendo consoles. 

However, just because there are a lot of Wii games marketed to children doesn’t mean that there aren’t titles available for an older audience. A selection of M-rated games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill are available for more mature gamers.

Mario Wii Games

One of the pros of buying a Wii is that you have access to games in the beloved Mario franchise. Mario Kart is one of the best-selling titles for Wii, but if racing games don’t appeal to you, there’s no shortage of other titles to play. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a throwback to the original 2D Mario side-scrolling platform games. Super Mario Galaxy allows you to travel to different galaxies to save Princess Peach from Bowser while collecting stars. Another popular title is Mario Party 8 in which you move around a game board collecting stars and playing mini-games against friends and computer opponents.

If you have long ago thrown out your older Nintendo consoles, you can use the Virtual Console service to download games from older systems like Game Boy or Nintendo 64.

Nintendo Wii Price

Compared to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Wii is a relatively more cost effective console. For an affordable price, come to Walmart and pick one up from the video game department. You’ll have no trouble finding games to suit your tastes no matter if you’re shopping for yourself, your spouse, son, or daughter. Get ready to put away the board games and take out your Nintendo Wii for family game night.



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