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PC Games - A Unique Way to Enjoy Adventure, Sci-Fi or Role Playing

PC Games are a fun way to explore various universes, get involved in racing, role-playing or intense strategy. At Walmart Canada, we carry, at affordable prices, a wide variety of great games from the top developers, games to involve your sense of play, mischief or discovery.

We have the year's top-rated games as well as the ones that might be whispered about in the secret arcanes of the gamer community. No need to scour the web to find either your favourites or those hidden gems you might be dreaming about. We always keep on top of the trends for your gaming pleasure.

A Wide Variety of Games

The gaming world is in constant expansion, developing new approaches, interfaces, storytelling or gameplay. Whether you and your family are fans of racing games, strategy games, or fighting games, you will find them here on a variety of platforms.

From Electronic Arts Anthem to Lego's Harry Potter, from Funk POP! Manga inspired games to the latest World of Warcraft, you just need to look around and click to get in the player seat in no time.  You can even preorder with us to get the most anticipated new versions you have been waiting for.

PC Gaming Hardware

PC Games often have specific software and hardware requirements. Whatever your needs, we can offer you the appropriate gear. We have all the graphics cards, sound cards, or OS you might dream of.

Power to spare, comfort to enjoy intense sessions

With the most recent and powerful computers, you will be able to play your games without experiencing lags and freezes, especially when you are using your last life in your game. We have the finest gaming hardware you might need, from the latest gaming desktops, with power to spare, to the flexible gaming laptops for the casual and mobile gamers. 

We also offer sturdy gaming desks and comfortable gaming chairs to add comfort to your excitement. We want to be your one stop shop for a complete and immersive playing experience.

Virtual reality

Gaming has now added VR and AR to the gaming experience. You can now get inside the action when you play. We have all types of goggles and phone adapters to take you in. Do the words "oculus rift" make you fantasize about exploring deep space or wild jungles? We have managed to be one step ahead of you. No need to look anywhere else, we can bring to your living room the newest VR experience with great wearable tech that won't break your budget.


So don't hesitate and shop Walmart Canada for all the PC gaming needs you and your family might express. You will find it almost as much fun to shop for them as it will be playing the games.




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