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Stay Entertained with Popular PS3 Games

Though the newest PlayStation titles release directly to the PS4, the stellar PS3 games list won't be fading from memory any time soon. The PS3 boasts among the best and most recognized titles in gaming history, some of them very well contenders for the list of the greatest ever made. At Walmart Canada, we are proud to carry an extensive selection of game titles released for the PlayStation 3.

A few of these games were so good that they sparked immediate upgrades to be ported over to the PlayStation 4, well before gamers could play regular PS3 titles on the new console. One of these titles was The Last of Us, which gained almost unanimous high praise and scored a solid 95/100 on the review website Metacritic. Another popular game by Naughty Dog is Uncharted 2, which is considered by many to be simply one of the best entries in the legendary Uncharted series. Considering their popularity, these two titles are excellent contenders for the gaming hall of fame! While both have been remastered for high definition on the PS4, gamers will likely continue playing the original PS3 versions for many years to come.

Other High Rollers in the PS3 Library

Aside from the obvious heavy hitters in the list of top PS3 games, there is still plenty left to reminisce about. For those who like to swoop over cities and play the hero, Batman Arkham City is an amazing gaming experience and easily one of the most popular superhero titles ever made. If you haven't played either Arkham City or Arkham Asylum and you own a PlayStation 4, you're in luck. Both of these games are available for you in one spot with the affordably priced Return to Arkham.

Found on many shortlists for the Game of the Year was the puzzle-driven game Portal 2. Made by Valve, one of the all-time great game developers, Portal 2 is worth checking out, even if you aren't the biggest fan of puzzle-related fun. Valve also brought out the massive hit, Half-Life 2, which raised the bar in game development.

Another game worth recalling is God of War 3. But why should you still play God of War 3 when the newer God of War 4 is out on the PlayStation 4? Well, despite being part of the same series, God of War 3 and 4 are vastly different from each other. If you are hoping for a hack and slash, combo-based, high paced action game, then God of War 3 is probably the better option for you.

Experience the Legends on the PlayStation 4

Some older games have received first-class treatment and have been remastered and ported over to the PS4, while others have not. It is well worth buying a re-done game like Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) on PS4 for its cool add-ons, such as the first person gaming perspective. But if you feel like you just can't abandon your beloved PS3 games, don't worry! You can easily download those titles on PS4. With PlayStation Now, Sony's game streaming device, you can begin a free trial and easily download a growing library of classic PS3 games on your PS4. 

For those lucky gamers who already own a PS3, Walmart Canada conveniently carries a robust list of P3S games and PS3 accessories so that you can continue to appreciate and play your favourite games while also scoping out newly released titles. With us, you'll find video gaming fun for everyone!




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