PS4 & PS VR Games


Trying Something New? It's Time to Diversify Your Collection of PS4 Games

There are many hundreds of PS4 games available worldwide, and Walmart Canada carries many of the best ones sold in North America. You can find a wide selection of your favourite AAA titles, whether you’re into competitive multiplayer games like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed or prefer sports titles like FIFA 19 and NBA 2K19. With the PS4 Pro, a large number of games provide stunningly realistic graphics and smoother action. You can also find a growing selection of virtual reality or VR-based PlayStation 4 games that bring physicality and audiovisual immersion to the gaming experience.

Support for Many Advanced TVs

Games that benefit from 4K resolution, HDR, fast refresh rates and other advanced TV features make it worthwhile to invest in a larger television with plenty of features. You can get a better view of the battlefield in first person shooter games like Call of Duty or enjoy battle royale multiplayer games like Fortnite eSports-style with fans cheering you on.

If you like a story that develops as you explore, sit back with your controller and play the amazingly popular Horizon Zero Dawn on the big screen in 4K HDR on the PS4 Pro. Enjoy Red Dead Redemption in 4K HDR as well as God of War, which offers a high frame rate option for smoother action.

Remote Play Supports PS4 Games on Other Devices

PS4 Remote Play allows you to play many of your PS4 games on other equipment over your Wi-Fi network. Compatible devices include the PS Vita, iOS devices, Windows and Mac devices.

Enhance Your Gaming Experiences with PS4 Console Accessories

When your PlayStation 4 games involve driving, chatting or typing messages, check out our selection of PS4 accessories for steering wheels, two-way headsets and mini keyboards. There are plenty of other add-ons to help you get the most out of your PlayStation 4 and specialized games.

Virtual Reality Puts You in Play

With most video games, you watch the action on a screen in front of you and use a controller to move. With PS 4 VR, you can enter the world of games such as Skyrim. You're immersed in a fantasy world in which you can move your way, battle dragons with weapons in your hands and look up to the sky in your new world. You can also immerse yourself in multidimensional sound to match, using special headphones to experience audio clues that help you understand what's going on and where the next attack is coming from.

Getting Games Delivered Your Way

Walmart Canada carries the exclusive games you've been waiting for. You can order them for convenient at-home delivery directly from our website. For new releases, you can also skip the lines and pre order games on our website,

Bundle for a Great PS4 Starter Gift and Special Loot Boxes

Award winning PS4 games are available in bundles along with a console unit, controller and often a collection of related loot like the coffee mug, stickers, cap and more that come in the Spider Man bundle, or the 15 hero skins that are included with the Overwatch bundle. Introduce someone in your life to great gaming, then drop by with your favourite PS4 games for some video gaming together.




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