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Free shipping

If your order is over $50 (before taxes), shipping is free!

Guaranteed item

No waiting in lines or overnight camping necessary.

Locked down prices

Get hot prices on hot pre-orders.

Exclusive extras

Get unique offers like video game beta codes and more (when applicable).

Pre-Order FAQs

  • 1
    When will my pre-order item ship?

    It’s important to remember that the ship date is different than the release date (or “street date”) of a pre-order. Once your pre-order item is officially released by the publisher/supplier, we’ll send you an email letting you know that we’ve shipped it. You’ll get the item as close to (but not before) the release date as possible.

  • 2
    If individual pre-order items ship separately, do I get charged for shipping each time?

    No, never! The cost of shipping is determined by your complete order, not by individual items.

  • 3
    When does my credit card get charged?

    Your credit card will only be charged once your item ships. If you’ve pre-ordered multiple items, your credit card will only be charged for individual items as they ship.

    Please note, if your credit card expires prior to the ship date of your pre-order, you’ll need to contact our Customer Service team with updated information or your pre-order will be cancelled.

  • 4
    My bank account shows Walmart charging me more than once. Why?

    When you place a pre-order, our systems create an authorization hold on your credit card. This hold is not a charge — it simply confirms your card is valid and has available credit equal to the purchase amount. The charge for your pre-order does not occur until the item ships. 

    Please note, if you use a Visa Debit card, an authorization hold will still be placed. Visa Debit functions like a credit card, but uses the funds in your debit account, rather than your credit card’s available credit.

  • 5
    Why do some pre-order items have reduced pricing?

    Sometimes, select pre-order items may have reduced pricing for a limited time.

  • 6
    Can I modify or cancel my pre-order?

    If you have a account, you can log in to make changes or cancel your order within 30 minutes of placing it. We can’t modify or cancel an order beyond this time. But, we do offer easy return options once you receive the item and decide you don’t want it.



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