Friends don't let friends miss out on easy money.
    Got a lot of friends? You can save up to $300 a year.
    That’s $300 for you to spend on other fun stuff.
    Like not your phone bill.
Canada’s Happiest NetworkTM
An awesome network with even awesome-er customer service is just one of the reasons people stay with Koodo. Plus, we run on Canada’s largest 4G LTE network, so you can stream, talk, and text from anywhere.
Koodo - Choose Happy
Shock-Free® Data.
Pause your data, so you’ll never get an unexpected overage.
    Shock-Free® data is included on all plans. Protect yourself from unexpected data overages. We’ll send you alerts, then pause your data when you reach your limit, so you don’t end up with a surprising bill. If you want more data, add it right from your phone.
The Koodo Tab.
Never overpay for your phone again.
We keep the price of your phone separate from your rate plan. So when you settle up, your bill actually goes down.
4. Credit provided is discretionary and includes applicable taxes (based on the taxes levied in the province of supply) therefore the value displayed on your bill is the value before tax. For example, a $10 discretionary credit offered in ON includes $1.15 HST, meaning the credit value displayed will be $8.85. The $1.15 HST is captured as a reduction in the amount of tax charged on your balance owing.

5. For more information, please visit



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