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Toddler Feeding Plates and Other Meal Accessories for Growing Kids

Whether your child has just joined the self-feeding journey or is twirling spaghetti on a fork like a pro, toddler feeding plates and other kid-friendly dinnerware can help make meal times fun for everyone. You can find children's plates, bowls and cups in simple colours and patterns to match your own place settings, or opt for character-imbued dishes to delight young diners. While you're stocking up on kid cups and cutlery for the kitchen, don't forget things that make your life easier too, such as spill-proof sippy cups. From snack time to family dinners, has the toddler dishes and accessories you need.

Toddler Feeding Plates and Other Table Tools

The sheer number of child-friendly eating tools may seem overwhelming, but start with the basics and build your collection from there. Toddler feeding plates and baby bowls come in a few different types, ranging from simply plastic versions of the real thing to higher-tech dinnerware meant to stave off spills.

Parents may want to consider bowls or plates with suction cups or grips on the bottom. These are more likely to stay in place on the table or high chair as baby learns to navigate the mechanics of self-feeding, and they help stop mealtime from turning into the "dropped it!" game.

Colourful plates with prints of favorite characters, animals or unique patterns are also popular choices. They encourage toddlers to finish all their food so they can uncover the images below. For picky eaters, a toddler plate with sections ensures different foods don't touch each other, and the raised sides make it easier for young foodies to scoop up baby food or peas, potatoes and other delicious dinner items.

Pair the perfect plate with baby spoons and forks. Cutlery meant for small children tends to have soft or rounded tips to prevent accidents. Look for options that are small enough to fit comfortably in your tot's mouth but functional enough to support a decent bite of food. Handles are also important to consider: start with short, chunky or rounded handles that are easy for little fists to grasp.

Beverages for Baby: From Bottles to Open Cups

Keeping your tot hydrated is as important as ensuring adequate nutrition, and the right dishes makes that easier. When baby is ready to graduate from bottles, you might start with sippy cups that protect against spills while training your tot for using real cups. Soft-spout cups may seems familiar to baby, as they work like bottles, and you can migrate to sippy cups with hands and then straws before introducing little open-top mugs and tumblers during mealtimes.

Accessories to Support Snacking on the Go

Among your baby dish sets, consider adding some snacking options. Insulated bags are a great option if your child needs to have healthy snacks away from home often, and bowls with locking lids let you keep cereal or other munchables in the diaper bag or your purse without a mess of crumbs in the bag.

From milk and cereal in the morning to fillets and fancy sides at dinner, the children's dishes at make it easy to feed your toddler.




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