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Black Friday is on Friday November 29th 2019 and Walmart Canada is your destination for great Black Friday Canada deals. Start the holiday season off right by finding the perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself at everyday great prices. We’ve got everything you need to make holiday shopping a breeze.

Make Black Friday 2019 the best one yet with! Subsribe below to keep up to date on exciting updates and sales leading up to the event.

Black Friday is on Friday November 29th 2019 and Walmart Canada is your destination for great Black Friday Canada deals. We’ve got everything you need to make holiday shopping a breeze.

Browse thousands of items before the big day

Browse thousands of items before the big day

Add items to your cart ahead of the event

Add items to your cart ahead of the event

When the deals start, checkout and beat the rush!

When the deals start, checkout and beat the rush!

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10 Black Friday tips and tricks you need to know for 2019

1. Subscribing and signing up for emails

By signing up for emails, you get exclusive information around Black Friday deals, pre-Black Friday deals and much more. Stay alert and stay on top of all the deals!

2. Creating your shopping list/what you need

Prioritize what items you need to buy and list them in order of importance. As you buy for others, don't forget to get yourself something as well!

3. Look for early Black Friday deals

Get ahead of the curve and find deals before others! Avoid items selling out and keep tabs on your emails and social media.

4. Get up and out early

Plan on waking up early (or staying up really late) to get a head start on the items on your list, before they sell out and things get overcrowded.

5. Grab a friend

Shopping alone is fun but shopping together is even better. Grab a friend that can provide some valuable input on your shopping decisions!

6. Don't forget your budget

Make sure you set a budget for yourself because chances are you'll be shopping for most of the day.

7. Shop online

Save yourself from waking up early and waiting in lines when you shop online. Oh, and shop in the comfort of your own space.

8. Know the return policy

Don't forget to inquire about the return policy on some items if you're a frequent 'returner'. Bonus tip: don't forget to ask for gift receipts!

9. Follow on social media

Follow Walmart Canada on all social media platforms so you don't miss out on any Black Friday deal announcements.

10. Think long-term

Think long-term. In the run up to Christmas, find deals for the festive season, so you can be a step ahead of the game and avoid last-minute shopping.

Our editors' tips for Black Friday

Our experts at theHUB want to help you make the right shopping choices this Black Friday. From choosing the right TV screen size, to what laptops work best for you, we want to ensure you make the most out of Black Friday deals on November 29th.
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Are you ready for the holidays? We are! And we’re kicking off the season with one of the most anticipated events of the year: Black Friday. When is Black Friday? It’s Friday November 29th 2019 and it’s the beginning of the Christmas shopping holiday season where you can buy great gifts at amazing prices. Luckily, every year there are amazing Black Friday deals Canada wide. This means you can put your passport away and indulge in a little Black Friday Canada shopping (or a lot).

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Walmart Canada is your official home to great Canada Black Friday deals that will be great gifts during the holidays. You can find offerings on your favourite electronicsappliances, clothing apparel, video games, furniture and much more. Get all your Christmas shopping done and avoid last-minute hassles and trying to find deals. Got a gamer in your life? You can find the latest games from including the PS4 and some of the top PC Gaming offers that will blow them away!

Great Black Friday Canada deals on electronics and 4K TVs

Experience home entertainment like never before with 4K TV deals and other electronic goods. With all the latest electronic on the market, experience true surround sound with sound bars, audio systems and home theatres. Plus get the most out of your Black Friday deals Canada with laptops and computers, smart home features and more. Once winter finishes up, you’ll want to head out for some great runs with your wearable technology and fitness trackers! 

When is Black Friday? It’s on November 29th, 2019!

Start planning your holiday shopping today with Black Friday deals at Walmart Canada. Amaze your friends and family on Christmas morning with epic gifts under the Christmas tree. Find amazing Black Friday sales on electronics, video games, toys, appliances and much more. Looking forward to more deals? You can find great Cyber Monday deals just a few days later right here on! And a month later, we’ve got great Boxing Day sales just for you! Don’t forget to sign up for emails on, and you’ll receive the latest updates on Black Friday 2019.




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