Put user generated content on autopilot with Caddle

Introducing Caddle

Caddle is the largest daily and monthly active panel in the Canadian market. Our mobile-first insights platform rewards Canadians for sharing data and engaging with brands. 

How does Caddle work? Capture relevant insights for any challenge or opportunity and engage seamlessly with shoppers at every stage of the consumer journey by leveraging the Caddle suite of tools. Caddle rewards panel members for actions ranging from video, survey, receipt capture, reviews, and more.

Why ratings + reviews are crucial for consumers and business

1. Timely reviews are critical

Maintaining consistent, timely, relevant reviews are critical to attracting and retaining consumers. 57% of consumers think Ratings & Reviews (R&Rs) older than 4 months are considered “outdated”.

2. Score is everything

Not only should R&Rs be timely, but they also need to meet the minimum criteria to gain consumer confidence. 62% of consumers look for a 4.0 star-rating or higher when purchasing a product online.

3. No reviews costs you money

Decreased basket sizes and losing consumers to competitors. 57% of consumers will have decreased intentions to purchase when there are no R&Rs. 41% of consumers would switch to another retailer if R&Rs are not on their website.

4. One review is not enough

Our data tells us 30-50 reviews every 4-6 months are needed. 87% read at least 1 review before making a product purchase. 64% read 3+ reviews before committing to purchase.

Source: Caddle report on Ratings & Reviews | April 7-10, 2021 | n = 1,048
Source: Caddle report on Ratings & Reviews | April 7-10, 2021 | n = 1,048
Source: Caddle report on Ratings & Reviews | December 12, 2020 | n = 1,510

What this means for Walmart sellers

UGC and Ratings & Reviews on Walmart.ca: A seamless experience by driving in-store purchase, validation via receipt upload, and Rating & Review collection and syndication. No samples, no shipping costs, faster results. View Caddle and Walmart Canada’s webinar and presentation deck.

Put your ratings & reviews on autopilot

Walmart Shoppers offered incentive to buy your product in-store or online, they upload receipts into Caddle app. Upon receipt validation, the Walmart shopper is offered another incentive to complete a Rating and Review which syndicates seamlessly to Walmart.ca

Did you know? Caddle has an average star-rating of 4.1 due to our hyper- targeting and screening process.

Please contact insights@caddle.ca for pricing and more information. Learn more at https://askcaddle.com/.

The world of Walmart
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