3 Tricks and tips to give you a competitive edge on Walmart Canada

Sometimes it can be easy to fit in, when all you want to do it stand out.

Multi-Channel Listing Software with ChannelSale
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Put user generated content on autopilot with Caddle
Caddle delivers user generated content across thousands of products for Walmart Canada’s marketplace, private label, and national brands. No samples, no shipping costs, faster results.
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Power your shipping & fulfillment process
Leveraging the power of ClickShip will allow sellers to save time, save money, lower abandoned cart rates, increase conversion rates, and help to improve their Walmart Canada performance score in general.
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Optimize sales with UGC from Bazaarvoice
Learn the significant impact of UGC and get a detailed look at which solutions are available for Walmart Canada Marketplace sellers of all types and sizes.
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Creating an e-fulfillment strategy with eShipper
Having a solid e-fulfillment strategy in place will be one of the driving forces for your long-term Walmart Canada Marketplace store’s growth and success.
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Sell easily on Walmart Canada Marketplace from your WooCommerce store
Learn how the Walmart Canada Integration for WooCommerce solution by CedCommerce enables hassle-free and automated selling on Walmart Canada.
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Unlock your sales potential
Managing data across multiple marketplaces can be complex and challenging.
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Consideration for US sellers
You will need a plan for dealing with several unique fiscal and logistical situations.
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Improve your seller metrics
Walmart Canada—one of the most confided marketplaces—is highly preferred by sellers
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The world of Walmart
Walmart Canada helps Canadians save money and live better. Quality products at everyday low prices – that’s the promise Sam Walton made when he started Walmart and it’s as true today more than 50 years later. We believe in innovation and continue to grow by adding new services like pickup, online grocery, and mobile app shopping. Walmart.ca is visited by more than 900,000 Canadians daily, who can choose from millions of items sold by Walmart and third party sellers to fit their needs. We make sure their service experience is as amazing as it is in our stores around the world.