Unlock Your Sales Potential on Walmart Canada with Product Feed Optimization

By Brian Roizen
October 3, 2019

Managing data across multiple marketplaces can be complex and challenging. Having to manually update product information for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of items is time-consuming and can lead to mistakes.

These mistakes in your product listings can lead to thousands (possibly millions) of dollars in missed opportunities.

Walmart Canada Marketplace offers massive scale and instant customer reach to approximately 14 million unique visitors each month. Tap into this market and unlock your sales potential by focusing on feed optimization for better relevancy and faster order management and fulfillment.

Why is Relevancy Important?

Online retailers want to make sure that when people search for products, their product listings appear first. Therefore, you must structure your product attributes similarly to the words and phrases that users are looking for on different platforms. Shoppers who browse or use filters when searching won’t be able to find your products if you’ve miscategorized them.

An optimized product feed needs to have accurate data that is rich in product details. It’s critical that your product titles contain attributes like brand, name, size, and color.

Maximize Profits by Minimizing Errors

The Feedonomics platform makes it easy to modify thousands of products in seconds. Instead of doing manual updates, you can make bulk changes to a large inventory of products with just a few clicks.

Faster order management and fulfillment can help avoid oversold situations. How so? Product prices are updated constantly, new products will be added in, and old or seasonal products are discontinued. If you don’t revise your product feed, then you are at risk of receiving feed errors or disapprovals. With a feed management platform, you can set this up so that it automatically pulls data and updates your feed weekly, daily, or even every 15 minutes.

In today’s online world, inventory can change on a dime. Let’s say that you have five Instant Pots left in stock. That afternoon, your website processes five orders for those Instant Pots, but at the same time, someone on Walmart bought one as well. Now you must refund the order, causing the customer to be upset and giving you a bad review on the site.

As an approved Walmart partner, we can also help with automated order management. Our platform will automatically pull orders from each marketplace channel and deliver them to your system in one dashboard. Everything is synced to your online store so that you can efficiently manage Marketplace inventory, preventing overselling and ensuring accurate product availability.

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