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Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world, and the Walmart Canada Marketplace is the second-biggest eCommerce marketplace in all of Canada with 70M monthly visits from 14M online shoppers.

The amount of exposure your brand will receive from the sheer volume of traffic on the marketplace alone should be enough to get you excited about listing your products on the Walmart Canada Marketplace.

While sellers have a tremendous opportunity to reach a large range of shoppers on Walmart Canada, they still face similar challenges commonly encountered by many eCommerce and marketplace based storefronts.

What challenges do sellers need to overcome?

Standing out from the competition

As the number of sellers continues to grow and more entrepreneurs endeavor to scale their business on this marketplace, the competitive landscape will grow along with it. Thus, making it more difficult for sellers to make their products stand-out and attract those oh so sweet conversions they crave (cha-ching!).

Thinking progressively, Walmart Canada provides it's sellers with an abundance of valuable education, metrics, and solutions to help them optimize their listings, stand out from competitors, minimize their costs, and maximize the value they provide customers.

Walmart Canada can undoubtedly be your next big opportunity, especially if you follow some of these best practices they’ve highlighted to help sellers stand out.

Spending too much time & money on shipping

Shipping doesn’t get talked about enough when it comes to standing out from the competition, but it is indeed an integral part. It’s the only variable part of the eCommerce puzzle, and since it’s unavoidable, the only option is for sellers to optimize it.

69.80% is the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate and extra costs, like shipping fees, are the biggest reason why shoppers abandon their online carts (Baymard Institute).

High shipping costs are correlated to high abandoned cart rates and have a connection with low conversion rates. In other words, charging customers too much for shipping dramatically contributes to a lack of sales and can result in potential customers having a negative impression of your brand.

Even worse, is when sellers use unreliable shipping methods. Consumers want their orders to be accurate and delivered in a timely fashion. Unreliable shipping can have an even more drastic effect on the customer experience, and ultimately, a seller's bottom line.

Combine all of this with an inefficient shipping process that’s not only costing an arm & a leg, potential sales, and positive impressions, but also valuable time, and we’re talking about a complete lack of competitive edge in the marketplace.

This is precisely why Walmart Canada has partnered with an all-in-one shipping solutions provider like Freightcom, the developers of ClickShip. They recognize just how important it is for sellers to have access to fast, efficient, and reliable shipping.

ClickShip empowers Walmart Canada sellers

Traditionally, small businesses have limited access to fast & efficient shipping at an affordable rate. Even if a shipper is able to negotiate a decent rate with a carrier directly, not all zones and territories have equally competitive shipping rates.

What good is all the traffic sellers receive on Walmart Canada if they can’t convert those potential buyers into customers because their shipping prices are too high? What about if the cost they incur for shipping is eating up too much of their margins?

ClickShip users have access to some of the best shipping rates across North America. They are able to compare rates from a variety of trusted carriers and select the option that is most suitable to their needs. Whether they’re looking for the lowest price, fastest transit times, or a combination of both, users can automatically quote, book, and track shipments in a few clicks.

Sellers who integrate their Walmart Canada marketplace with ClickShip will reap the rewards of unlimited savings and are able to offer extremely competitive shipping prices on their listings and fulfill orders seamlessly.

Benefits ClickShip users can utilize:

  • Access competitive courier shipping rates from a network of top-tier carriers
  • Free pickups (Including residential pickups)
  • Customize shipping labels and packing slips with your logo
  • Add your own shipping carriers and compare rates for every shipment
  • Claims Management – ClickShip works on your behalf with the Carriers and provide solutions to your queries and shipment issues
  • Create LTL Shipments and get multiple carrier options and unbelievable shipping discounts
  • Round the clock, agile customer support

See how easy it is for sellers to integrate ClickShip with Walmart Canada and power their shipping and fulfillment process:

Leveraging the power of ClickShip will allow sellers to save time, save money, lower abandoned cart rates, increase conversion rates, and help to improve their Walmart Canada performance score in general.

The Walmart Canada Marketplace represents a huge opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs and SMEs to reach new customers and grow their business.

ClickShip is just the competitive edge sellers are looking for! To learn more visit ClickShip.

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