Company description

Drexel is one of Canada’s largest 3PL’s specializing in eCommerce and retail distribution and fulfillment. Drexel works with sellers around the world to provide low cost shipping and fulfillment options for the Canadian market. Drexel operates a state-of-the-art distribution center that makes shipping to Walmart customers easy, cost effective, and reliable. They have deep EDI expertise to ensure orders are transmitted to Drexel, fulfilled same day, and tracking numbers uploaded back to Walmart. Drexel offers very competitive shipping rates and express delivery, so orders are shipped anywhere in Canada within 1-3 days. Their online portal allows you to see inventory levels in real time including Min/Max notifications when stock levels get low. Drexel offers excellent customer service so you can always get answers to what is happening with your orders. With Drexel as your Canadian logistics partner, you can speed delivery, lower costs, and grow your sales.

Quick facts

  • 600,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space
  • State of the art inventory management systems (Warehouse Management System)
  • 99.99% inventory and order accuracy
  • Support thousands of different SKU’s and product types including high cube (oversized) and small items



Store details