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Games: Fun for the Whole Family or Groups of Friends

Games come in many forms, including board games, card games or puzzles. They're great ways to pass the time, add excitement to rainy days or provide a bit of friendly competition during family gatherings. Whether you're looking for a unique Christmas present or a birthday gift for the game enthusiast in your life, Walmart Canada offers plenty of cards, games and puzzles to choose from. Some games are designed for children of all ages, while others offer multiplayer competition that's appropriate for family game night.

Types of Games

Types of games include board games, card and casino games, trading cards and jigsaw puzzles. Each type of game provides entertainment for people of all ages. Some are meant for solitary play or small groups, while others are designed to be party games.

Casino Games and Cards

Casino games and cards are popular for all ages, whether you're passing the time during a winter power outage or teaching your kids the basics of UNO. Choose specialized learning card games for children to teach them letter recognition and categorisation of similar objects, or seek out a scavenger-hunt type card game that the whole family can enjoy.

Mimic pub trivia night at home when you seek out card-based trivia games. Friends and family members can enjoy competing in teams as they try to show off their knowledge about different topics, such as movies, sports or the 21st century.

Play classic games such as poker, gin rummy, bridge, crazy eights or cribbage when you pick up a pack of playing cards. The possibilities are endless, and many games are suitable for two, three or four players. choices for kids. They can exchange and trade cards among their friends or keep them as collector's items

Sports-themed or TV-show-themed trading cards are popular.

Board Games

Walmart Canada offers a wide selection of board games to help kick family game night up a notch. Choose from strategy games that test your logic, or select language-based options that let you build words and compete with other players for the highest score.

Some choices are ideal for younger players learning colour recognition, patterns or taking turns, while others are designed for family game night and require multiple players.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Working on jigsaw puzzles provides many helpful benefits for your mind. Solving puzzles can expand your creativity and increase your concentration, and it can even help improve your short-term memory and visual-spatial reasoning.

Puzzles with hundreds of pieces that create an image of scenery, a map or famous paintings are ideal choices for adults. Options with fewer pieces that are based on kid-friendly TV shows, video games or movies make great gifts for kids. Make sure to pick up some puzzle glue to preserve your creations and display them in your home after they're finished.

No matter the type of game you're searching for, has you covered. Check out our wide selection of board games, card games and puzzles, and stock up on all the other items you need to host a memorable game night with friends and family.




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