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The hype for upcoming video games begins when video game release dates are announced. No matter who your favourite video game characters are, has you covered.

Video games have evolved from the early days of Mario Bros. to the immersive, captivating worlds found through Playstation VR. Get the most out of your Xbox OnePS4, and Nintendo Switch by shopping the hottest video game releases and gaming accessories. Controllers, Bluetooth headsets, cameras, and other accessories can enhance your gaming experience and bring it to brand new levels.

And while the next-gen gaming systems are something to behold, Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii and Wii U still provide an awesome gaming fix. Other great options include PC gaming, and for the old-schooler in all of us retro gaming.

Whatever your gaming goal is, you can enjoy gaming with friends online or in the same room while keeping the spirit of competition alive with multiplayer games. Build team spirit with role-playing games, simulation games and strategic games. Before you know it, the race for ‘most popular’ is on! Pre-order the newest video games for an upcoming hangout and get the upper hand over friends with the extra practice time.

Don't forget that many gaming systems also allow you to play movies. And what good is conquering new worlds and winning the big game on your gaming system if it's not on the latest smart TV?

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