Westinghouse Electric Corporation’s line of home accessories are quality made, convenient and simple to use. Westinghouse has a variety of essential products such as extension cords, adapters, and wireless remotes.

Outdoor Accessories

Get the most use out of your backyard with the click of a button with the wireless remotes from Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Why not set up a heater on the deck so you can stay warm while barbequing in the fall, or string up some lights for a party space? Key chain transmitter’s work up to 100 feet away from the wireless electric remote control. If you forget to turn the lights off? Don’t worry! Westinghouse wireless remotes and outlets have photocell options that turn your lights off at dawn.

Reach every inch of your lawn with your electric lawnmower, with Westinghouse outdoor extension cords, or finally have the best Christmas display on the block. With strain relief and nickel-plated plug blades, Westinghouse extension cords have longer lifespans than the next leading extension cord brand. Westinghouse products are built to last!

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