Will Walmart match competitor prices?

If the price of a product drops after I buy it, can I get a refund for the difference?

What is the “Price per unit” (located below the price)?

What tax rate will I be charged?

What additional fees will I be charged?

Can I use my employee discount online?

Can I use a manufacturer's coupon?

Can I get a rain check?

Do prices vary based on shipping locations?

What tax exemptions are currently available on

Inventory & Availability

Why can't I find a product online that I saw in a store?

The product I would like is out of stock. Will it be coming back in stock?

The product I would like is currently out of stock. Can I back-order it?

What is a pre-order?


Why are products recalled?

How will I be notified if a product I bought at Walmart is recalled?

Is there somewhere I can check for product recalls?


Will my product be covered under a manufacturer's warranty?

What is Walmart’s Extended Warranty Plan?

How do I cover my product under a Walmart Extended Warranty Plan?

How much does it cost?

Will my product be fixed, replaced, or refunded?

How do I redeem a warranty?


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